Clogin elle vaginal ovules

Clogin® elle vaginal ovules is a medical device useful as an adjunct in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory, infectious and dystrophic vaginal affections. Thanks to its composition it is recommended in cases where there is the presence of redness, itching, burning with signs of mycosis and vaginitis. Hyaluronic acid, with mucoadhesive properties, exerts a moisturizing and protective action on the vaginal mucosa.


10 vaginal ovules of 2 g

Medical device

The legislation on the advertising of medical devices (Legislative Decree no. 46/97, as amended by Legislative Decree no. 37/10) provides that access to medical records for medical devices is restricted to authorized personnel. For more information about our products please consult your doctor or pharmacist of confidence.

Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Vitamin E, Bromelain, Chlorhexidine dihydrochloride (preservative), Tiglyceride blend.