Flugenil 600 vaginal ovules

Flugenil® 600 Vaginal Ovules is a medical device useful as an adjunct in the treatment of vaginal mycotic diseases, including recurrent ones. On medical advice, it can be used in combination with oral and / or topical antifungals. Thanks to its composition it is recommended in cases where there is the presence of itching, redness and irritation originating from ailments of a fungal nature. Hyaluronic acid, with mucoadhesive properties, exerts a moisturizing and protective action on the vaginal mucosa and boric acid helps to restore the vaginal pH and consequently maintain the physiological environment of the vaginal mucosa, preserving it from contamination and the proliferation of pathogens.


10 ovules of 2 g

Medical device

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Boric acid 600 mg, Tea Tree Oil, Hyaluronic acid, Avena sativa, Vitamin E.